Colloque In-Fine 2022 : Sens et finalités du numérique pour l'éducation



Education in the age of artificial intelligence and digital technology International colloquium of the Artificial Intelligence Working Group of the Scientific Council of National Education (CSEN) Please note this conference is only available in French. Introduction ● 11:30 Stanislas Dehaene (President of the CSEN): Potential and pitfalls of education with digital technology Session 1: What place for digital technology in learning? ● 11:45 Aurélie Jean (Coordinator of CSEN working group on AI) ● 12:30 Lunch break ● 13h30 Franck Ramus (CNRS, ENS, member of CSEN) : Can digital technology have a positive effect on learning? ● 14 h00 Joelle Proust (CNRS, ENS, member of CSEN) : The deleterious effect of reading on screen: comprehension and metacomprehension Session 2: How to teach computer science and AI ? ● 14h30 Gérard Berry (Professor at the Collège de France): Teaching computer science in France today ● 15h00 Emmanuel Schanzer (Co-director, Bootstrap; Graduate school of education, Harvard University) : Teaching through coding ● 15h30 Amelia Matar (Founder, Colori Education) : Learning to code: Montessori in the digital age ● 16:00 Break Session 3: Some current applications of AI in education ● 16h15 Arnon Hershkovitz (School of Education, Tel Aviv University): Personalization in Mathematics Education: Teacher vs. Algorithm ● 16h45 Johannes Ziegler (CNRS, Director of the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory of Aix-Marseille University, member of the CSEN) : Predictive models and digital tools for learning to read ● 17h15 Stefania Druga (MIT Media lab) : From smart toys to teaching machines Concluding lecture ● 17h45 Rose Luckin (UCL Knowledge Lab) : Using AI to show teachers and students the detail of their progress intellectually, emotionally and socially ● 18.15 General discussion ● 18h30 End This session is free once you subscribed to In-FINE