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The Canal Numérique des Savoirs delivers and distributes the full range of digital educational resources created by Nathan, Bordas, Le Robert, Retz, MDI, CLE international and Syros. Major educational Publishers, Nathan, Bordas, Retz et MDI display thousands innovative resources and services designed for teachers, students and families: fully interactive and customizable digital textbooks (Biblio Manuels, i-Manuels), exercisers and granular resources (Biblio Exo), webapp (Nathan Live, Bordas Flash Page), virtual classes, augmented reality and AI, along with a pedagogical community, (over 130 000 teacher registered), sharing R&D on neurosciences researches, along with collaborative approaches. Nathan also won a tender over 2 digital library of resources for school (#BRNEDU). As a key player over pupils’ individual support and adaptative learning, Bordas provides more than 110 000 interactive resources (on Bordas Accompagnement Numérique Personnalisé) available through differentiated activity paths. #1 on school dictionaries (Junior and lower secondary), Le Robert displays efficient digital and lexicographical resources to enhance French fluency and overall culture, along with adaptative tools to master French language, such as the Robert Corrector software.


La classe interactive Biblio Exos
BiblioManuels : paroles d'utilisateurs

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